9/21/2020: SEO Rewind

Welcome to the 10th issue of the SEO Rewind! There are two updates that I really enjoy this week: Local Context by Google and Sitebulb crawls stored in the cloud. But there is plenty more.

9/21/2020: SEO Rewind

Google launched a beta of a new map service - Local Context. This new service is targeted to travel and real estate websites that work with multiple locations. It is a simple way to add local information such as nearby POIs, photos, reviews, and travel times around your locations and show them on your website.

Thanks to providing important local information on your website, youโ€™ll keep visitors engaged and keep them from researching local context elsewhere. This will lead to better conversion rates and happier users.

Local Context aims to make this as easy as possible for website owners. If you work on travel or real estate SEO, this is definitely something to check out.

Local Context for Multi Location (Travel) Businesses by Google Maps - Online Ownership
Local Context is a new solution for travel related businesses that has been created by Google Maps. It enables you to embed a curated Google Map
Google Maps Platform - Local Context
Easily integrate local information into your maps to help customers explore new areas.


Google Maps Platform - Local Context
Easily integrate local information into your maps to help customers explore new areas.

iOS 14 and Safari 14 was released on Sept 16 with the updated Intelligent Tracking Prevention. The new Intelligent Tracking Prevention makes it even harder for advertisers and site owners to track and profile users. On iOS and iPadOS, this applies to other browsers (including Chrome) since all of them must use WebKit, which has ITP on default.

Intelligent Tracking Prevention In iOS 14, iPadOS 14, And Safari 14
Appleโ€™s annual Worldwide Developer Conference in late June this year included a couple of big announcements around Appleโ€™s approach to privacy in their software.The new Privacy Report in Safari 14 (on all platforms) uses DuckDuckGoโ€™s tracker radar list to detail which of the most prominent trackingโ€ฆ

I strongly recommend you to at least read this overview, so you know how much your web analytics matches reality (or not):

Cookie Status :: Current Status Of Browser Tracking Prevention | cookiestatus.com
Latest information and news about browser storage across the modern web browser landscape. Designed to provide information on ITP, ETP, and similar initiatives.

You can now move your Sitebulb projects to the cloud. With the recently released version Sitebulb 4.2, you can change your old and new audits' save location. This means you can quickly move everything to the cloud or other location of your choice.

Such a small change, yet itโ€™ll make the lifes of SEO specialists - myself included - so much easier.

Sitebulb Latest Updates and Release Notes
Download the latest Sitebulb update, and catch up on all the updates in the funniest Release Notes in the world (of all UK based SEO tools whose name sounds like lightbulb).

Google recently added regionsAllowed to its Video structured data. If you have video content restricted to viewing in specific countries only, you can now indicate that in your structured data. That way Google can stop showing your videos in SERPs for users who wouldnโ€™t play it anyway.

Google Adds Support for Regional Video Structured Data
Google introduces support for the regionsAllowed structured data for Video. Gives International SEOs and publishers more control over rich results.

Google Search ranking volatility continues. Tools that monitor changes in search results indicate massive changes in SERPs. That could mean a more significant Google update is going on, but looking at the sites I manage, I donโ€™t see any visible changes.

Google Search Ranking Volatility Continues But Is There A Google Update?
The tracking tools are still going insane, some are higher today than they were yesterday or the day before around a Google algorithm update. I am even seeing tools in the local space show bigger fluc

The Coverage report in GSC is no longer delayed. As reported last week, we were missing two weeks' worth of data. This is no longer the case, and you should be able to see new data in the report again (fixed on September 15).

Google Analytics App+Web properties will have custom dimensions and metrics. Until now, you had to use parameters to track additional information. Custom-parameter reporting is now deprecated.

Event-scoped custom dimensions and metrics reporting - Analytics Help
OverviewEvent-scoped custom dimensions and metrics take their values from the event parameters you collect via the Analytics measurement code. Automatically collected events have some default parame

Speaking of Google Analytics App+Web, a new Google Data Studio connector lets you create reports using App+Web stats without using BigQuery. Difficulties with reporting were among the most frequently mentioned reasons you shouldโ€™t use Google Analytics App+Web. It's nice to see that App+Web is getting better with recently added e-commerce reports and now with the easier reporting using Google Data Studio.

Digital Debrief โ€“ New App+Web Data Studio Connector
Ever since Google Analytics App+Web first launched, users have been asking when there will be a Data Studio template. Well, the wait is over! Google Data S

Google will start crawling some sites over HTTP/2 beginning November 2020. This change will make crawling more efficient both for the Googlebot and site owners and their servers. The vast majority of webmasters don't need to make any changes, and there will be no ranking benefit for sites crawled over HTTP/2.

Googlebot will soon speak HTTP/2
Official news on crawling and indexing sites for the Google index

See you on Monday with the next Rewind!