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Hello. I'm Jan Onesork.

Your online marketing sidekick.

Hello, I’m Jan Onesork.

Your online marketing sidekick.

“I work tirelessly along your side to develop and execute winning online strategy for your business.”

I’m a freelance SEO consultant with 10 years of experience. During that time I’ve helped hundreds of companies to increase rankings, get more traffic and maximize sales.

As an independent SEO freelancer, I can give you an unbiased view of your performance in search and advise you on the steps that will bring you the biggest value. No cookie-cutter approach.

Are you interested in cost-effective marketing? Me too! That’s actually why I started with SEO in the first place. When done properly, SEO can be the cheapest acquisition channel in the long run.  I strongly believe in the Pareto principle (80/20 rule) and minimalism and apply these principles to what I do. Less talking, more working.



SEO Expert

SEO professional with a proven track record. Driven by the Pareto principle focusing on activities that bring the biggest effect.

Your Shortcut to Czech & Slovak markets

You can struggle with marketing in Central European countries or even let the opportunity slide completely. Or you can give me the responsibility for being your local expert.

Online Marketing Consultant

Most clients choose me because I’m known for SEO, but my skill set doesn’t end there. Years of experience enable me to have a bird’s eye view of your project.

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Let me help you run your online marketing effectively using tactics that your competitors may not yet know about.

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