9/28/2020: SEO Rewind

Get access to all your keywords & links with Ahrefs Webmaster Tools, test the new Web Stories plugin in WordPress, explore new small improvements in App+Web, and more in this week’s SEO Rewind!

9/28/2020: SEO Rewind

Ahrefs launched its Webmaster Tools. This new service makes selected features available to all webmasters for free. Existing users can benefit from higher limits and additional features such as JavaScript rendering.

The most significant is access to all known backlinks and keywords in the Ahrefs database.

Webmaster tools – Audit & Improve Your Website
Analyze your own website and find out why you’re not getting more leads from it. Get detailed reports on all your SEO issues and start fixing them right away.

The verification process is straightforward and similar to adding websites to Google Search Console. You can also use your existing Google Search Console privileges to verify sites in Ahrefs.

There is one caveat, though. If you use Google Search Console to verify, you’ll give Ahrefs access to all GSC data for all websites that you have access to.

According to Ahrefs:

Anonymized and aggregated data might be used to improve our CTR and search volume models, which we use to estimate keyword volume and distribution of clicks in SERPs.

So if you don’t want to give them full access, you’ll need to use one of the alternative verification methods (HTML tag in header, DNS, root file).

New Schema.org support for retailer shipping data. Google now supports shippingDetails schema.org markup. It lets you markup important e-commerce information, such as shipping costs and delivery times.

Smaller sites that, for some reason, don’t use Google Merchant Center yet will benefit from this new feature. They can use it to get some additional (free) visibility for their products.


New Schema.org support for retailer shipping data
Starting today, we support shippingDetails schema.org markup as an alternative way for retailers to be eligible for shipping details in Google Search.


Product | Search for Developers | Google Developers

Official Web Stories plugin for WordPress released. If you have visual content and some spare time to experiment with these new features, give it a go.

It will be interesting to see whether this new format catches on or not.

Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin Officially Released
Google officially published the Web Stories WordPress Plugin. Easily create web stories and get more site visitors.

Backward path analysis is now available in Google Analytics App+Web.

If you go to Path analysis and click on “Start over”, you can select not only the Starting point but start from an Ending point as well.

Btw. Google is also rolling out change history in App+Web.

View the history of account/property changes (App + Web properties) - Analytics Help
This help center article is part of the App + Web Property Beta.

A new initiative for web creators by Google. This new blog, YouTube channel, and interactive forums (yet to come) will help creators build better content. Teach them how to use tools that Google provides and get inspiration from successful creators.

A community for web creators to grow and get inspired
We’re introducing Google Web Creators, a collection of channels for anyone who makes content for the open web.

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