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How To Change Your Location on Google Shopping

Do you use Google Shopping Ads to advertise products in a different country? With this extension, you'll be able to change your Google Shopping location and preview your ads easily. How To Change Your Location Using a Browser Extension Step 1 - install Location...

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Basic Analytics Setup After a Launch of a New Site

Are you launching a new site? This is what you should do in terms of web analytics and related tools just before or just after you launch it. Steps: Create a Google Analytics Property and Configure It Basic Settings Block Spam Traffic Block Internal Traffic Set up...

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Real Estate SEO: How can you make your website stand out?

There are many great guides that talk about the basics of doing SEO for a real estate website. All of that is extremely important to do since it is the cornerstone of any good work. If you want to succeed in this highly competitive market, omitting these first steps...

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Basics of Open Refine for SEO

While doing keyword analysis, almost every time you face these two challenges: duplicate keywords - this can be a problem especially if you combine multiple sources of keywords, but some tools give you duplicate keywords by themselves. multiple forms of keywords -...

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