How to Optimize Content for SEO

This guide will give you a great starting point for optimizing your articles or product pages for SEO.

How to Optimize Content for SEO

Understanding Search Intent

Search Intent is the main goal users have when typing their query into a search engine. It's important to understand search intent for your keywords even before you start writing.

We can usually breakdown search intent into these categories:

  • Informational - users want to find specific information. These are usually the broad terms, keywords in the form of a question, and how-to keywords.
  • Commercial - users are looking for products and services. Many local keywords will fall into this category as well.
  • Navigational - users want to navigate to a specific page. Your branded keywords will fall into this group.
  • Transactional - these are typically more specific commercial keywords. Such as keywords containing [buy]. For B2B sites, these will usually have terms such as [price], [quote].

How to Optimize for Search Intent