Freelance SEO Consultant

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About me

My name is Jan Onesork. I’m a freelance SEO consultant. Over the years I have helped many businesses get more visitors and sell more.

Services I Offer

SEO Analysis

At first I analyze your needs then I find problems in your website and help you identify content that is necessary to attract the visitors you need. You’ll receive detailed recommendations what to change.

Implementation supervision

Correct implementation of all the necessary changes is sometimes as important as analysis by itself. I can help you with communication with developers. That will ensure that everything is setup properly and without mistakes that can have long lasting impact.

Online Marketing Management and Measurement

I know how to setup web analytics tools and I will help you get a good grasp of all the numbers. My goal is to help you find the most profitable traffic sources in the least amount of time.

Link building and on-going SEO

I create strategies for link building and on-going SEO campaigns. I help you setup the right goals to measure and suggest efficient ways to accomplish them.

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