11/23/2020: SEO Rewind

ScreamingFrog released a new version with a host of new features. Refreshed GTmetrix for page loading speed testing. Also, is there Instagram SEO on the horizon?

11/23/2020: SEO Rewind

ScreamingFrog adds a dark mode, Google Sheets export, Aggregated site structure, and plenty of other features. ScreamingFrog released a new version (14.0), and it brings plenty of improvements. Mainly the direct export to Google Sheets will be handy.

A full overview of all improvements in the accompanying blog post:

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Update – Version 14.0
We are pleased to launch Screaming Frog SEO Spider version 14.0, codenamed internally as ‘megalomaniac’.Since the release of version 13 in July, we’ve been busy working on the next round of featur

The Disavow tool & Remove outdated content have a new interface. You can now find the Disavow tool in the new GSC interface.

The Remove outdated content tool has been updated with a new interface as well

5 Hours of Technical SEO SEMrush hosted a technical SEO webinar on November 17.

Check out their packed lineup:

  • Paige Hobart
  • Nik Ranger
  • Martha van Berkel
  • Aleyda Solis
  • Jes Scholz
  • Bartosz Góralewicz
  • Ric Rodriguez
  • Kristina Azarenko
  • Jamie Alberico

You can watch all recordings here.

GTmetrix now uses Lighthouse. This popular tool for testing page loading speed replaced outdated PageSpeed/YSlow recommendations with Google’s Lighthouse and Core Web Vitals.

It also provides a refreshed interface and a new set of paid PRO tiers.

This is the largest change to GTmetrix to date.

Read the blog post for the full list of changes:

Welcome to the new GTmetrix – powered by Lighthouse
GTmetrix is now powered by Lighthouse, with a new Report Page design, Test Locations, PRO plans and more. Overview This major release brings new Test Locations, PRO plans and replaces our aging PageSpeed/YSlow recommendations with Google’s Lighthouse metrics — the industry standard in modern web p…

Instagram introduced search by keyword. If you are in one of the six selected countries (English users in Canada, the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland), you should be able to search by keyword on Instagram. Before, you could search only by hashtag or tagged location.

Does it mean we’ll be able to do Instagram SEO? 😁

Keyword search is coming to Instagram
Instagram will let users in six English-speaking countries search by keyword. The searches are limited, however, to content that fits into the company’s community guidelines.

ContentKing adds support for JavaScript rendering. Two weeks ago, JetOctopus added JavaScript rendering capability. This week, ContentKing joins the pack. ContentKing is a content change tracking & SEO monitoring tool.

Google is testing sub-category tabs in the search results. Apparently, Google is testing showing sub-category tabs above search results.

Source: https://www.seroundtable.com/google-subcategories-search-results-30443.html
Source: Search Engine Roundtable 

It seems strange, but they say “always be testing”, right?

Google Tests Subcategories In Search Results
Google seems to be testing, or maybe it is some weird bug, these sub-category tabs in the Google search results. SEMRush spotted this and posted a screen shot on Twitter, here is that screen shot (cli

Google shares the crawl budget between Googlebot and Google AdsBot. Google confirmed that the crawl budget is shared between all bots. That way, Google can make sure that crawling won’t negatively impact the site’s performance.

Google Shares Crawl Budget Between Organic & Ads
Google shares the same crawl budget between GoogleBot, the organic free web crawler, and Google AdsBot, the paid Google crawler. Keep in mind, Google has dozens of crawlers and they all likely share t

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