10/26/2020: SEO Rewind

Content Marketing Benchmark Report for SaaS websites. A free tool for JavaScript rendering check. A new basic GSC training for webmasters of e-commerce sites.

10/26/2020: SEO Rewind

SaaS: Animalz published Content Marketing Benchmark Report. They have analyzed 150,000,000 pageviews from dozens of SaaS companies to give you benchmarks to understand your performance better. It’s a tremendous resource for comparing your content marketing efforts with others.

The Animalz Content Marketing Benchmark Report 2020 - Animalz
We’ve distilled 150 million pageviews into a dozen strategic takeaways for B2B content marketers.

Final update: Canonical issue resolved. One last update from Google about the canonical issues that persisted over the last couple of weeks.

Google is nudging webmasters to improve their Google Discover performance. Some users report that Google is sending out Google Search Console notifications with recommendations on how to improve their Discover performance.

Sitebulb now detects and reports JavaScript links. Starting with the latest release (4.4, released on Oct 23), Sitebulb can indicate if HTML links have been affected by JavaScript.

This new feature lets you quickly spot important differences between your static HTML and rendered pages.

Sitebulb Latest Updates and Release Notes
Download the latest Sitebulb update, and catch up on all the updates in the funniest Release Notes in the world (of all UK based SEO tools whose name sounds like lightbulb).

If you don’t want to subscribe to Sitebulb, there is a free tool that has been released recently - JavaScript rendering check. It lets you check individual pages for differences between static and rendered HTML. You can choose between desktop and mobile rendering.

JavaScript Rendering Check - find differences on your page - searchVIU
Check your site for differences ☝ between the source code and JavaScript Rendered HTML. Provides you an easy overview about differences in links, content, seo tags...

New Google Search Console training for e-commerce. This new video covers the very basics webmasters of e-commerce sites should be aware of. Google published a similar episode for developers a couple of weeks ago (10/12/2020: SEO Rewind).

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