9/7/2020: SEO Rewind

Summer is over, and the news is piling up again! This week’s SEO Rewind covers search terms visibility (fewer keywords we can access once again), WordPress vulnerabilities, and Shopify and GTM improvements.

9/7/2020: SEO Rewind

Also, I recently added a new article that shows how to block a website from Google Search. But without further ado, there is the Rewind:

Starting in September, the search terms report in Google Ads will show only terms with a significant number of impressions/clicks.

In SEER Interactive, they’ve analyzed the impact of this change on their client data and discovered a 28 % decrease in search term visibility.

As SEOs, we grew accustomed to working will fewer and fewer data over the years. But the search term report in Google Ads was yet a great source of keyword data, and its a pity to see it suffer the same fate.

Google Ads Removes Low Volume Search Term Visibility
Google Ads reduces the amount of search term data available to advertisers. We looked across the one day of data we have to understand the impact and what you can do as an advertiser. Learn how this update will affect search term visibility, negative keyword opportunities, and the future of keyword …

WordPress vulnerabilities and broken sites. There was multiple news on WordPress vulnerabilities affecting hundreds of thousands of installs and millions of broken sites due to an update in recent days.

Fixes have been released, so make sure you use the most recent WordPress version and that all your plugins are up to date.

700,000 WordPress Users Affected by Zero-Day Vulnerability in File Manager Plugin
This morning, on September 1, 2020, the Wordfence Threat Intelligence team was alerted to the presence of a vulnerability being actively exploited in File Manager, a WordPress plugin with over 700,000 active installations. This vulnerability allowed unauthenticated users to execute commands and uplo…
WordPress 5.5.1 Fixes Millions of Broken Sites
WordPress is publishing a maintenance release that fixes issues that broke millions of websites.

A new stable version of OpenRefine has been released. OpenRefine is a powerful free tool that can help you save time with keyword research. I have an older article on how OpenRefine can help SEOs with cleaning data for keyword research.

If you regularly clean and analyze larger data sets, definitely give it a go.

Release OpenRefine v3.4 · OpenRefine/OpenRefine
This is the final release for OpenRefine 3.4. Please backup your workspace directory before installing and report any problems that you encounter.New features We now offer a Windows package with ...

Shopify is adding international domains. Shopify now lets you run multiple local stores from one account with all the SEO basics - such as hreflang - covered out of the box.

When selecting a hosted e-commerce solution, localization is often a problem. Not many hosted solutions support local versions, or if they do, it’s usually not well implemented. So this is a welcomed improvement.

International domains
Learn how international domains can help you sell in specific regions or countries.

You can be notified about changes in your GTM containers. Google added a new feature in GTM that lets you set up email notifications for important changes in your GTM containers.

Notifications can be set individually for each container, or you can turn that on globally for all containers you have access to.

Reliable notifications are a critical feature for anyone who has access to many accounts and wants to stay on top of significant changes.

Global notification settings in GTM
Global notification settings in GTM
#GTMTips: Container Notifications In Google Tag Manager
Introducing the Container Notifications feature in Google Tag Manager. Receive an email whenever a key action (e.g. container publish) takes place in Google Tag Manager.
Container notifications - Tag Manager Help
To stay up to speed on activity in your Tag Manager containers, you can turn on email notifications about key actions (e.g. containers being versioned and published, new approval requests, etc.). You

Changes to Image Search and licenses. Google changed the way they indicate licensable images - there is now a “Licensable” tag that you can see in the image search results.

They have recently changed how you can filter licensable images - you can now filter only Creative Commons licenses, which may negatively impact websites that use different licenses.

Learn how to find image licensing information on Google Images
We’re making it easier to identify the right image to use, and to find guidelines for how to license images on the web.

Guidelines for webmasters that have licensable images:

Make the licensing information for your images visible on Google Images
Official news on crawling and indexing sites for the Google index

Google added new structured data for Home activities. This new structured data markup is in response to COVID-19, people staying at home, and the massive growth of home exercise.

The new format appears only on mobile and only for fitness-related searches.

But if you offer online events, pre-recorded videos or live streams, definitely check it out.

Home activities | Search for Developers | Google Developers

Thanks for reading, stay safe, and see you next week!