03/08/2021: SEO Rewind

Bing Search Results are Visually Impressive. New GSC Video: Crawl Budget and the Crawl Stats. Scroll To Text Will Support Video.

03/08/2021: SEO Rewind

Bing Search Results are Visually Impressive

Microsoft announced a host of new improvements in Microsoft Bing - these updates are focused on making search results more “visually impressive”, as they claim.

I have to admit it indeed looks better. Below, you can compare search results for [giraffe] (which is one example Microsoft used in their announcement).

[Giraffe] - Bing Search
[Giraffe] - Bing Search
[Giraffe] - Google Search
[Giraffe] - Google Search

For more details, go to the official announcement:

Microsoft Bing delivers more visually immersive experiences that save you time
At Microsoft Bing we’re looking for ways to give you back time so you can focus on the things that really matter. We’re also looking for ways to move thoughtfully beyond a list of links, to a world of search results that seamlessly combine information with visually rich imagery in a single beautiful…
Microsoft Bing updates search results interface to make it more visually immersive
Microsoft Bing updates recipe results, similar looking items, expandable carousels, infographic panels and local answers design.

New GSC Video: Crawl Budget and the Crawl Stats

Google Search Central published a new video - this time goes into detail on crawl rate, crawl demand, and crawl budget.

This video is relevant to large websites only.

Scroll To Text Will Support Video

With Scroll To Text links, Google can send users to a specific section within a page. That way, users can find what they are looking for faster instead of scrolling through the whole page. Provided they use Chrome.

According to recent information, this will become available for images and videos as well.

If you want to see if you get any clicks from Scroll To Text links, head over to Google Search Console and use this filter on your Pages in the Performance report:

Google Updated PageSpeed Insights Scores

Starting March 3rd, Google uses HTTP/2 for PageSpeed Insights scores, so you might have noticed an increase in your scores because of that.

Google Updates PageSpeed Insights Scores
Google announced that in general, Page Speed scores will all rise as of March 3rd, 2021.

Google Has a New Key Moment Videos Interface

Google seems to be rolling out an updated layout for the key moment video appearance in search results.

If you have any videos that appear in this rich form factor, head over to Search Engine Roundtable for more details:

Google Rolls Out New Key Moment Videos Interface
Google seems to be rolling out a new interface for key moments videos they have been testing for maybe a year now? The results show the location of the key moment but also add the text from the video

Brave Browser Will Have Its Own Search Engine

Brave, the privacy-focused browser, announced the acquisition of Tailcat, the open search engine. Tailcat will become the foundation of Brave Search.

Brave Search will join the family of privacy-preserving Brave products as consumers are increasingly demanding user-first alternatives to Big Tech. The Brave browser saw unprecedented growth in 2021, reaching over 25 million monthly active users. This mirrored the impressive migration to Signal, the privacy messaging platform, after WhatsApp announced a change to their privacy policies requiring data-sharing with Facebook.

You can sign up for the waiting list here.

Brave acquires search engine to offer the first private alternative to Google Search and Google Chrome on both mobile and desktop
Today Brave announced the acquisition of Tailcat, the open search engine developed by the team formerly responsible for the privacy search and browser products at Cliqz, a holding of Hubert Burda Media. Tailcat will become the foundation of Brave Search.
Brave is launching its own search engine with the help of ex-Cliqz devs and tech – TechCrunch
Brave, the privacy-focused browser co-founded by ex-Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, is getting ready to launch an own-brand search engine for desktop and mobile. Today it’s announced the acquisition of an open source search engine developed by the team behind the (now defunct) Cliqz anti-tracking search-b…

SEMrush: $100 million IPO

SEMrush is going public with their IPO filed last Monday.

The Boston, MA-based company was founded in 2008 and booked $125 million in revenue for the 12 months ended December 31, 2020. It plans to list on the NYSE under the symbol SEMR.


Semrush to Publicly Sell Shares on New York Stock Exchange
Semrush files to go public, allowing people to buy shares in the company for the first time.

WordPress Gutenberg 10.1 Brings Significant Boost to Core Web Vitals

The latest version of the Gutenberg editor - 10.1 released on March 3rd - generates much cleaner code resulting in visible page loading speed improvements.

For more details, head over to SEJ:

WordPress Gutenberg 10.1 Boosts Core Web Vitals
Update to the Gutenberg editor improves WordPress Core Web Vitals

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