02/15/2021: SEO Rewind

Unconfirmed Algorithm Update on Feb 7-9. Passage ranking launched on Feb 10 in the U.S. New video: SEO for Google Images

02/15/2021: SEO Rewind

Unconfirmed Algorithm Update on Feb 7-9.

Some SEOs noticed major changes in organic traffic starting Feb 7. This might have been an algorithm update, but we don’t know much more apart from anecdotal evidence on Twitter.

Have you noticed changes in your organic performance around that date?

Unconfirmed Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update February 8th
There are some early signs from both the SEO community and the tracker tools that there is a big Google search ranking algorithm update going on. This has not been confirmed by Google, but that is no

Passage ranking launched on Feb 10 in the U.S.

According to Google, the passage ranking update is now live in the U.S. in English. You probably won’t notice any significant shifts in search results, even though Google previously claimed it’ll impact 7% of queries.

Google Passage Ranking Is Live In The US English Results
The day we have been waiting for has come on Wednesday, February 10th - passage ranking (formerly known as passage indexing) is live in the US English search results. Google confirmed this after I pi

New video: SEO for Google Images

John Mueller from Google created a 10-minute video with image SEO basics. John provides an overview of where images are shown on Google - such as Discover feed - and advises on optimizing your images for better visibility.

John Mueller on 503 HTTP response code.

On Twitter, John shared tips on when to use 503 HTTP response code (Service Unavailable). When you implement some temporary changes on your site, don’t forget 503 response code can be one way of handling indexation for SEO.

Local SEO Updates.

Google now shows the “years in business” in the local pack for businesses that want to display this information and provide it in their Google My Business profile.

Google officially displays years in business in local pack
After several months of testing, Google has officially launched this new label that shows how many years your business has been in operation.

Also, Google is rolling out Messaging for desktop users making communication with customers direct and easier to access.

GMB Messaging for Desktop Now Rolling Out
Google My Business is rolling out Messaging for desktop users. Learn how to opt in and what local businesses need to know about the feature.

Google wants your feedback on Google Search Console exports. In the survey linked below, Google wants to get information on how you currently use GSC exports and how satisfied you are with them. Make sure to fill in this quick survey.

Google Search Console data export
This survey was created to gather feedback on how SEOs and developers export Search Console data to work with it outside of the product - if you don’t export data out of Search Console, enjoy your day :-)

Women in Tech SEO virtual conference - WTSFest Virtual.

Women in Tech SEO community announced an online conference, which will happen in March.

Check out the schedule on the link below:

WTSFest Virtual | Women in Tech SEO
The Women in Tech SEO Festival is going virtual in March 2021. 6 brilliant talks by 6 brilliant speakers spread across 3 days.

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