01/25/2021: SEO Rewind

Google has threatened to pull out of the Australian market. Google added a “Price Drop” feature to rich snippets. Core Web Vitals in Chrome 88.

01/25/2021: SEO Rewind

Google has threatened to pull out of the Australian market. The government in Australia is introducing a new law to address whether tech companies should pay for news that appears in search results.

Could Google really leave Australia?
After threatening to cut off Australia, could Google survive without it?

Google already agreed to pay French news sites for using their content.

Google Agrees to Pay French News Publishers for Content
Google announced an agreement to begin paying French news organizations for use of their content in Google News.

Google updated their Product Structured Data documentation with a “Price Drop” feature. This new “Price Drop” appearance will work automatically if you decrease the price of a product. But make sure your structured data is configured correctly. Otherwise, you'll not be eligible for this new appearance.

The price drop appearance is available in English in the US, on both desktop and mobile.
Product | Google Search Central | Google Developers
Google Introduces Price Drop Rich Result
Google updated the Product Structured Data documentation with a new Price Drop search appearance for Product pages. Becoming eligible is easy.

Google is rolling out an updated mobile interface for search. The company says the new interface is more comfortable to read and modern.

Google even published an article explaining their thinking behind this update.

A Google designer takes us inside Search’s mobile redesign
Google Search’s mobile experience has a new look and feel. Designer Aileen Cheng takes us through the update.
Google Search launches updated mobile design and interface
With a new, modern experience, Google says the redesign is easier to read and use.

John Mueller confirms Google can’t see “links” in <button> elements. This is a confirmation that buttons can indeed be used for PageRank sculpting. Do you see any valid uses for that?

Google Confirms a Way to Hide Internal Links
Google’s John Mueller seems to confirm that the PRG Pattern PageRank Sculpting tactic actually works.

Women in Tech SEO launched a community newsletter. For all women in SEO, there is now a new newsletter run by Areej AbuAli. It'll highlight articles, talks, events, and other content by women in technical SEO. You can subscribe using the link below.

#WTSNewsletter - Community Newsletter | Women in Tech SEO
Subscribe to #WTSNewsletter to stay up to date with all the latest news from women in the SEO industry brought to you by the Women in Tech SEO community.

Little Warden is now offering a free trial. Little Warden is a domain and content monitoring tool. If this is something that’s missing in your SEO toolbox, give it a try. They now offer a 14-day trial for free.

A Little Warden Free Trial! - Little Warden Writing
After months and months years of prompting by our good friends at Sitebulb, today we are switching things up and offering an optional free trial for people to give Little Warden a go. When you sign up now you are given the option of paying for your account (which is certainly our preference) or you…
Proactive Issue Monitoring with Little Warden
Monitor changes and problems across your client and domain portfolio. Little Warden is the the SEO tool you don’t think you need… until you do

Forecasting For SEO: Pre-orders available. Andrew Charlton created a course on SEO forecasting, including templates that you can use for your projects & clients.

He is accepting pre-orders till Feb 15th. Expect great value for money ($29).

Forecasting for SEO (Video Course) | FutureThought
With so many unknowns in SEO, how can you possibly predict the future? I want to share everything I’ve learned and the principles I’ve tried and tested to teach you how.

Chrome 88: New Web Vitals lane in the Performance panel recordings Chrome DevTools now have a separate line for Core Web Vitals metrics reporting.

What’s New In DevTools (Chrome 88) | Web | Google Developers
New CSS angle visualization tools, emulate unsupported image types and storage quota, new Web Vitals lane and more.

Also, there will be an updated Performance Heads-Up Display in Chrome 90.

Video: Requesting content removals from Google products for legal reasons. Google published a video on how to report and remove illegal content from Google Search.

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